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The Tourist Board of  the Walferdange Municipality, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a non-profit organiziation dedicated to the touristic expansion and the promotion of local heritage. It was founded in 1965.
Coming activities
The SIT organises activities and events intended at a broader public. Our next highlights are llisted below.
Syndicat d'initiative et de tourisme de la commune de Walferdange
Soirée Musicale 2014

Friday 14 March at 8 p.m. in the ballroom of Centre Prince Henri

High-level concert uniting the talents of Monique Biren-Kettel, Lynn Gloden, André Hever, Baha Mohadjer, Michèle Mootz-Lentz, Luisa Partridge-Mauro, Alice Petry, Pascale Schmit-Thilgen, Chris Sinner and Esther Weber.

Free entrance. Voluntary contribution to cost.

Detailled programme
2014 Annual Meeting

Monday 17 March at 8 p.m. at Centre Prince Henri
 Walding Trails